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If you don't understand something or are afraid of it, learn it and doors will open!

Antoine is a Certified Executor Advisor, as well as a Certified Cash Flow Specialist and the first Canadian Infinite Banking Practitioner (designation offered by the Nelson Nash Institute). He truly is an expert on the Infinite Banking Concept, and has co-authored two separate books that touch on the differences between the Canadian and American applications of the concept.  His first book "The Wealthy Physician - Canadian Edition" is targeting physicians and business owners, along with anybody willing to learn a better way to plan their financial affairs. His second book "Live Your Life Insurance - Canadian Edition" is a great guide for anybody who thinks the life insurance industry is confusing and complicated, and who is interested in learning how they can live their life insurance, and not have to wait till they die to see the benefits of their policies.

Originally from France, Antoine has been in Canada for 11 years , and loves  the opportunities offered by this beautiful country. Engineer by trade, he's been working in the financial industry for the last 5 years. 

After experiencing some financial challenges 6 years ago, mostly due to a lack of financial education despite his engineering background, he decided to study and learn as much as he could about money and how it works.

Through his financial journey, he has discovered some amazing ways to plan for his future with little to no risks. Reading Nelson's book "Becoming Your Own Banker" changed his life, and his discovery of the banking process through that book and many more that followed, allowed him to position himself as a leader in the field. 

​Life insurance doesn't have to be boring or complicated. Let him show you how it can actually be exciting, and how the LIVING benefit of that amazing product can change your life. When combined with a proper cash flow plan, you will be able to achieve some results that you didn’t think were possible.  

You're working hard, your money should work hard too, and that is how you'll be able to leave a legacy and change your family tree.